6th April 2017

A Place To Be Forgotten

The glowing medallion occupies the sky, shining down directly onto my bare shoulders, while the salt infused breeze dances subtly around me. I love this place; the exquisite art that hangs off the crisp, clean walls leaving my mind curiously asking what on earth the painting is of. Classical music that plays gently from the dated cassette player wafts around me. Fairly lights hang from wall to wall, vines in a big jungle inviting me to be swung across from tree to tree. My Grandmothers home was truly a Garden of Eden and a safe haven to me. As I sit in awe watching grandma paint with, her eyes glistening and her smile as warming as the tea she has on the ready for any guest. Her vibrant coloured clothes almost blend into her artwork creating a kaleidoscope on canvas. Oranges and reds begin to illuminate the sky. Creeping, the darkness slowly casts its spell over the land, dinner is served. Smells of roast potatoes, heavenly chicken and crispy garlic bread all linger around me. We sit down to a kings feast, glancing at grandma at the other end of her circular table, I often worry she must get lonely. Dinner is concluded and bedtime is calling. The spare bed is set out for a queen;  a cloud of pillows perfectly displayed making the white waffle duvet look less plain and more fun. Grandmas soft lips kiss my forehead.

“Goodnight” she whispers delicately, “I love you”. All light disappears and my eyes close. Drifting, floating, dreaming…

I have awoken. I see darkness but hear noises, noises that are unfamiliar. Shadows cross the room expeditiously, I still hear them. My heart pounding like a bass, my body temperature rising as if it will never drop. I cant take this, theres nothing left to do except scream. My head hurts, my lungs burn and grandma rushes to my rescue.

“Its just a nightmare”

She holds me in her arms, close to the frail body she now has. Her residue left from the disease brings not much time left.

My arms tremble from the weight of the boxes, but my legs tell me to keep walking. The sky cry’s at a heavy rate, my heart feeling each and every drop that smashes onto the hard concrete. The room doesn’t smell the same, the art looks different while the cassette plays music that triggers everyones emotions. No longer do the vines light up and the sun fails to radiate the room. All that can be felt is dampness and a sense of loss. An empty canvas sits alone, brushes remaining in a pot of water edging to get out but never will. I look as far down the narrow, dark hallway as I can. Her bedroom, illuminated like a light at the end of a tunnel. Her bed sits perfectly made, untouched while the light pink duvet brightens the room. The only trace of sunlight in the moody afternoon shines onto her marriage photo. Her love for my grandad was readable from her smile and her gleaming eyes. Murmurs and whispers is all that can be heard.

“Where would that go? Whats the house worth? Should we do this?”

Back in the same bed, the place that hasn’t changed only no goodnight kiss. I toss and turn, sleep failing to come easy, my head full of thoughts. Dreams of her return but thoughts of the reality. I see the shadows again. Swiftly making their way around me as if I am yet to be hypnotised. Yet this time they are calming and there are no noises to be heard. However I am still afraid and no one is here to help me. I am alone in a room full of nightmares, I am now in a nightmare within our world and it makes my head a storm that needs to be contained.

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  1. Watch your tense- it changes often.
    At times you have too many words in a sentence- how can you pick words that have those strong connotations.
    Show not tell in some places.


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