1.The advice given by Nicks father was “Whenever you feel like criticising  anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you have”. This piece of advice makes Nick a good person to tell the story because

2. West Egg is different to East Egg because West Egg is where new money is, which means that the people who live here have made their own money where as East Egg citizens have inherited their money from there family and are extremely wealthy. I would rather live in East Egg because within the 1920s, people were all about social class and looked down to people who occupied new money. By being an East Egg citizen I would be accepted in society.

3. If I was Gatsby and I had to choose a colour to connect with Daisy it would be red. This is because red indicates love and power. Gatsby needed power to get him through being left without Daisy’s love day in and day out. It also represents energy and excitement which connects Gatsby and Daisy because especially Gatsby has dreams of reuniting which brings him excitement and energy to remain hopeful.

4. We learn that Ms Baker finds it normal that Tom has a woman in New York and she is eager to find out about his conversations with this mystery woman. We learn she enjoys gossip and feeds off it. But she isn’t a very good friend to Daisy by not telling her about Tom.

5.Green represents Hope,Calm,Security and Serenity. Which are all words that are relatable to Gatsby and Daisy.

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