8th August 2017

Unfamiliar Texts

  1. Title: Family Holiday
  2. Author: S Daly
  3. Type of text: Article

a. The swing bridge and when the jandals sink are both events that could suggest danger.

b i). Onomatopoeia was used to describe the sea in lines 12-18, this is when the author said “The waves crashed down and sucked everything away, even the sand”

ii). The writer uses this language feature to develop her feelings about what happens on their family holiday because the words “crashed” and “down that are both used in the example are negative words that she uses to describe what the ocean is like. This may be because she is not enjoying her family holiday as much and this is suggested when she says in line 1 “I lost my nerve” which is an idiom.

Identify two language features that develop the narrators feelings about the holiday. Give an example of each.

Discuss your chosen language features along with others in the text to develop an emotional theme for the family holiday

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