“The gravedigger’s handbook” – This text is significant in the book thief as it is the first book that Liesel steals. It is dropped at the side of her brothers grave by a gravedigger who is covering Liesel’s dead brothers body. This is a starting point

for Liesel the “book Thief” as this is her first time stealing which leads her onto stealing more books. It is also the first book she has ever read with Hans Hubermann (the foster father). It becomes a special book to Liesel as it is the last thing she has to remember her brother. It is something that she keeps with her all the time to feel close to her brother as she is all alone moving to the hubermanns house so the book gives her a sense of being closer to her brother through the book. We know as the readers that death is always with her.

“The shoulder shrug”- This text is significant in the book thief because Liesel steals it from a burning pile of books at a nazi burning. She waits till everyone has left the ceremony and grabs the book which is slightly burning. She hides it in her Jacket in the cold of the night. Liesel is willing to get burns on her body to have a book to read. The name of this book is significant as it shows that Liesel is not worried about going against the nazi party by stealing a book which is against their policies. This is the second book Liesel steals which she learns to read. This book represents her willingness to put herself in danger ie getting caught going against the Nazis to have book which she can read.

“The standover man” – This text in the book is significant as it represents an idea that each character has a standover man or someone that influences them to mature physically, emotionally, mentally or socially without any recognition of them physically or mentally influencing them. Liesel’s main standover man I believe is Death, even though she doesn’t know he is there. This book is written by Max himself therefore it is held close to Liesel’s heart. These sentimental things generally hold really close to people and you generally cherish this as when they are gone this is what’s left of them. I believe from Liesel’s other standover man Hans hubermann impacts her positively and causes her to mature. 

“The Dream Carrier”- This text appears in the novel when Liesel steals the book from Frau Hermann’s library. This text is of significance because Liesel steals the book as it reminds her of Max and his dreams as well as her own dreams. The book may be seen to represent the strong bond/ friendship that Liesel and Max both share and their dreams they share. By Stealing this book it may connect Liesel to her brother, because when she began stealing was on the event of her brothers death.

“Mein Kampf,” This text is significant as it firstly represents safety. This safety is to blend in with the crowd and the bandwagon of hitler, this book gives Hans almost a shell of protection. This book full of lies created by hitler is used to create the standover man. This signifies that Max still has hope, painting the pages of mein kampf white is highlighting Max innocence. Mein kampf has very one sided opinionated words that are trying to influence people. This book is used as a safety as even though people may not believe in it all, you blend in with what was seen to be right. Mein kampf mean my fight in english and shows how opinionated the country was at the time, talking about his fight in past tense like he has now achieved what he has wanted all along. Mein Kampf represents how powerful words can be and how it can attract people to support Hitler. 

“A song in the dark”,  represents Liesel’s independence and confidence as this is the first book she steals on her own.  


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