What do we learn about “death” in this text?

  • Death is inevitable
  • Has feelings
  • Sees the world in colour
  • Knows everyone
  • Presume he is a male figure
  • When someone died, once “death” had taken their souls, the environment became quiet and the action of death remained subtle
  • Supposedly didn’t like being death as he complained of always being too busy
  • Most loyal thing to Hitler
  • Chooses how they die
  • Doesn’t like to get to know people and catch feelings to avoid sadness when he has to collect their soul
  • Like to imagine himself in a cape and a hat, as a dark figure hiding his identity
  • Looks for hope in people
  • Has a sense of empathy towards the human experience but ultimately cannot help them
  • Has emotions, sees, hears and feels like a human


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