Fitzgerald presents illusion in this chapter by showing how Toms “woman” acts when she is at the apartment in New York. She shows an attitude and an act of being a wealthy woman married to Tom and having everyone bow down to her. This becomes an illusion because in the real world she lives in the “Valley of Ashes”, which is a rundown part of New York. Nick describes her behaviour in chapter 2 when he says,“Then she flounced over to the dog kissed it with ecstasy and swept into the kitchen implying that a dozen chefs awaited her orders there”. From Nicks quote we learn Myrtle is pretending to live in Toms world by acting as if she belongs in the New York apartment playing house where as she really lives in a run down place married to a working class man. Myrtles actions show she is not happy where she lives and much prefers to be apart of Toms way of living.

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