Initially I would think of a book thief to be untrustworthy, sneaky and an evil like figure. This is because I think stealing is a terrible thing, it makes me think of sneaky people taking things others have worked for, for their own benefit. However Liesel differs from my initial assumptions because she is young […]

In the book “Before I let you go”, by Kelley Rimmer, it all starts when Lexie gets a call from her myth of a sister Annie at 2 am in the morning. After 6 years of not communicating, Annie as per usual wants Lexies help, she is a thief, a drug addict and a liar, […]

“The gravedigger’s handbook” – This text is significant in the book thief as it is the first book that Liesel steals. It is dropped at the side of her brothers grave by a gravedigger who is covering Liesel’s dead brothers body. This is a starting point for Liesel the “book Thief” as this is her […]

Liesel In the beginning of the book we learn Liesel is a 9 year old girl, just going into foster care due to the fact that her mother is a communist, which meant she was in danger to the nazi regime. Her mother was also very poor and with her father absent this suggested she […]

In the pages 7-9, I believe white is represents a sense of loss and the sadness of losing her innocent brother. White may also represent the coldness of winter but also the coldness she feels of losing her brother. This is evident in the quote,“It felt as though the whole globe was dressed in snow. […]

What do we learn about “death” in this text? Death is inevitable Has feelings Sees the world in colour Knows everyone Presume he is a male figure When someone died, once “death” had taken their souls, the environment became quiet and the action of death remained subtle Supposedly didn’t like being death as he complained […]

“The Book Thief”, written by Markus Zusak, focuses on a young orphaned girl named Liesel during world war two in Nazi Germany. Liesel’s brother dies on the way to foster care, when his body gets buried, Liesel comes into occupation of a gravedigger’s handbook she cannot read yet she takes it. Liesel becomes traumatised from […]

The poem “Disabled”, written by Wilfred Owen, is about a teenage soldier and the consequences he faces after the glory and feeling of being a hero disappears over time after returning from war. The poem portrays to the reader how the soldier feels when he comes back from war injured, looking different and not attractive […]

In the texts “Dulce et Decorum est” and “Anthem for Doomed Youth” by the author Wilfred Owen, I will be analysing language techniques from both poems. These features are used by Wilfred Owen to portray that it is not sweet and fitting to die for ones country in the poem “Dulce et Decorum est”, and […]

Exposure is represented in the poem as the cold elements of weather the soldiers face in world war one. The weather is presented as an enemy to the soldiers because it makes it impeccably hard conditions for soldiers to adapt to and fight in. In the line “For hours the innocent mice rejoice: the house […]